My work is about taboos and problems in our society that i think are important to talk about. i am concentrating mainly on sexuality and racism. i am showing reality how i see it. The good and the bad. 
My work is not didactic, I don’t try to explain: this is bad, this is good. The result is confusing, like life itself. 
For example sexuality. There are things “clearly” bad, violent and dirty, but in the right moment the same things can be good. 
The interpretation depends on the viewer, their own set of values, beliefs and ideas. I like to give the viewer the responsibility to complete my work. 

To talk about racism I’m using the blackface image.Different to the typical blackface or minstrels i choose to make the face always neutral, with no expression, neither smiling nor sad. A very reduced, abstract neutral blackface version. It is up to the viewer how to see it, the context is important.
  A boat full of black people might be immigrants from Afrika trying to come to Europe. The blackface is there to show how abstract we see millions of people dying on our doorsteps. We get sad for a moment and then we turn another page. We abstract the problem away and we move on.
I also use Blackface to show the subconscious images of racism that are hiding under layers of taboo, politeness and fakeness. 
I’m delivering the uncomfortable truths, raw as they are. If it is uncomfortable for you, it is suppose to be.



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