what you do look at ... 2010 from boris hoppek on Vimeo.

thats the exhibition catalog for my exhibition in paris.
artspace since. www.since.upian.com
yes, upian. www.upian.com
as i do streetart for 20yrs now and the gallery is called since i just called the exhibition "1989".
makes together: since 1989.


La Vagina 2 (censored) from Alex Beltran on Vimeo.

A Sneak Peak at the new magazine from Boris Hoppek.


lavagina 2 from boris hoppek on Vimeo.

this is la vagina no2.
same gallery. www.heliumcowboy.com
same idea of doing an exhibition catalog, a cheap sex magazine.
i think it wont be the last issue.



lavagina 1 from boris hoppek on Vimeo.

this is la vagina no1.
and the first time i dropped the idea of a traditional exhibition catalog. instead realized the dream i had when i was a teenager - doing my own cheap sex magazine.

the exhibition took place in hamburg, helium cowboy artspace. 2007.


86 negritos from boris hoppek on Vimeo.

Book about the 86 negritos exhibition in cadiz.



viva españa from boris hoppek on Vimeo.

The exhibition catalog for "viva españa" in iguapop gallery, barcelona, 2006.