Waste of Time... 2012 / calendar

The new calendar for the next year. what can i say. waste of time. waste of money. buy it here.



Fame festival / 2011 / via Belgrade

My favorite days in belgrade are the rainy days, i dont like rain.
The shortest way from belgrade to the fame ferstival dont has to be the fastest. For example 500km from belgrade to the south of italy, to the village grottaglie, to the fame festival, takes at least 22h on the short cut, just 60km on the highway though. Crossing mountains, canyons, rivers, 5 nations, and finally the adriatic-sea.
Entering bosnia & herzegovina from serbia gives you the reality right at the checkpoint you have to lift the boom yourself or drive around it through the mud. Behind a beautiful valley. a mosque alone in the nature. a river and a nice joke of an old train running through the canyon. everywhere beautiful gravestones along the riverside disappearing in the high grass looking like mushrooms. the next town is packed with people going in and out of the overcrowded cemetery, police on every corner watching us and them. at this moment everything made suddenly sense, we are in srebrenica, and just 3 days ago ratko mladic got arrested in belgrade who killed more than 8000 muslims and bombed down the rest escaping through this valley.
The first thing we see arriving in the south of italy is a couple of combat airplanes coming back from the south throwing bombs on libya.
Between this a breathtaking monument build by tito to remember a battle and their soldiers who died in worldwar 2. See more photos here.


Black trash / Fame festival 2011

I had some black bags for the inside of an installation. the installations did not turned out like imagined, i trashed the idea, but i liked the bags, so i stayed with the bags. Angelo made a video while i was walking around in the village communicating and improvising with the people. See the photo gallery here.


2nd world-war bunker mask / Fame festival 201

Taking a day off and going to the beach. But i don't like to lie on a towel, i like to do something together with the beach. surfing, but there were no waves. catching fish but i had no hook. BUT there was a lot of trash, amazing, i never saw so much trash on a beach. i needed something white for installing eyes into an old two floor bunker from the 2nd world war, i choose some of the not so old jalousies. See some more photos here.


The gibbet on the churchroof / Fame festival 2011

Or is it a gallow?  I could not find a rope in any shop, a nice 19mm nature fiber woven rope like it is mentioned in the capital punishment uk guide. It was as difficult as to find a proper shit-maker, so i had to wove it by hand out of 16 normal strings.
While installing the gibbet the police dropped by. It took me a while till i realized that they were mainly concerned that i wanted to commit suicide. Who is building a gibbet on a church roof to make suicide?!? See some more photos here.


Arche-up / Fame festival 2011

This years fame festival should get more violent and edgy. ok, fine for me. the vagina on the inside of an arc was then already a little bit scratching the limit. we are in italy, in a village. my idea was to do it in one of the neighboring villages, this way nobody can easily incriminate angelo (fame festival) with sick and dirty porn. Finally we found a perfect place at the monastery just on the roof of the church where the bell made noise some time ago. See some more photos here.


Shitmaker / Fame festival 2011

What else to do with mud? Can it be more primitive than just smearing mud on a wall? After a couple of days searching a shit-maker in the stores and hardware shops i had the idea to build it myself.
The first test was in front of the election billboards of the candidates for the new mayor of grottaglie. obviously because of the special political situation in italy everybody loved it. See some photos here.


Occupied monastery / Fame festival 2011

The idea for the shit-maker did not come from nowhere. I wanted to rebuild the situation i found in bilbao 2009 in an abandoned factory building. The last floor of the building was occupied by immigrants. I guess i found a typical setup for any occupied house. One room was full of trash, a second room full of mattresses and another room full of shit. The interesting or for me fascinating and funny thing about the shit room was that each pile of shit had the same distance to the other shit-piles. Just enough space to knee down and doing a regular pattern of shit-piles by this.

2011 i went again to this factory for doing some photos of this room. The building was still abandoned and occupied, just a bit more abandoned and occupied…maybe also more shit-piles??? I got slowed down by too many nice photos. A kitchen with bread and a gas cooker some silver spoons. A television room with clothes to dry. A room with opened bags from tourists with all the worthless stuff spread around, a knee-bolster for example. At this point my partner already left scarred the place. I forgot the time, when you are scarred time seams to run. At the late afternoon the squatters come home from working, searching, stealing, dealing, fighting. Before i could reach the 4th floor with the shit-room i got called back from my partner. Somebody who looked like a junkie entered the building with a knife. See some more photos here.


Mud vagina / Fame festival 2011 

Out of the need to paint something spontaneously in liverpool i found one of the oldest technics ever, mud on wall. It fits pretty good with me, cheap, easy, primitive and in my favorite colors, nutella brown and milk-coffee beige.
For the fame festival i made a 3,5x2,5 meter vagina out of 2 different muds. the beige is taken from a garden outside of the town and the dark brown from under an olive tree. The location is well chosen in one of the many rooms in the monastery in grottaglie. i don't know what the purpose was of this room, but it is connected to a big bathroom. i was naked while doing this vagina...
See the gallery here.


Sausage truck / Fame festival 2011

It started as a joke when angelo ask me to paint the food-truck in front of the church. as a joke i made a sketch of 2 girls sandwiching a black sausage. pretty sure that they don't want to have it on their truck angelo ask anyway just as a joke.

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Obama beachball

Now everybody can play with the head of the world. just like real, get one here!

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slanted magazine / fontnames illustrated


Fame festival / work in progress


Street-art, meanwhile in deepest east anglia, thunderbirds were go...


Japan earthquake / tsunami

Another charity show. "Can you see the rainbow from there?" Sadly the shipment got confiscated because of porn, not the drawings, but because of the lavagina magazines. Too bad for the drawings, the first time i got in touch with authority and censorship.

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