The helping hounds of hell 2 / charity


fast-re-view / iphone-photo-processing


Buro discount / zürich

why christmas? buro discount 4.december - 23.january 2011


Every Second Counts 2011

no, its not a typing error. you can get the calendar here. sorry, have to go for ice-cream!! 


L'art urbain 2 / addict gallery / paris


dis-patch festival belgrade

When i was invited to come to belgrade it was something special for me.
after exhibiting in paris, rom, new york, tokyo in the past year it sounds maybe not that special.
no surprise the  dis-patch organizers asked me surprised why-why?? well, its not just the war.

lets start with a photo from the set-up in the "museum of 25th of may" that i share with dali.

i cant answer easily why, but all my childhood and live i was every year at least 2 month for vacation in yugoslavia. i loved the nature, not really the people. but i always knew culture is very big and important, because there is not much else to do. i watched vlade trying to beat the bulls. read popovic. look at crazy childbook illustrations. see the movies from kusturica. watched immigrants from bosnia on my playground in middle-germany playing basketball barefooted like gods... and they eat strudel as much as i do.
i had to take the opportunity to dive into the culture underground (dark, cold, dirty, grey,hard) and meet the people, it was the best decision in the past year.

on the dis-patch flickr photostream you find extremely well taken snapshots from luka.
also i had to suffer for a little interview with designed that turned out a huge article.


coloring book

"outside the lines"  the 1st street-art-children-coloring book.
compiled by dave the chimp. published by laurence king.

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fame festival - last thing first

fame festival.
this week was very nice.
all the days working with angelo and eating at his moms. one night we went to a pizzeria!
after a few days i got surprised how relaxed and calm angelo is managing this event, i was trying to get him a coffee, but of course he could see my obvious attempt right away.
but finally, the last morning before my flight back home, i could see nervousness, stress and biting fingernails when we made this illegal piece in-front of the city council and police station. too bad, i would have liked to enjoy this a bit more. but we had to hurry, run, finish, go, fast, faster, hop, pack the stuff, stop!!
like in spain before lunchtime...

music: caetano veloso / asa, asa


storch 010

while climbing the carmel mountain inside barcelona villas and me were talking about the fact that many of our friends are getting babies right now. 
why? is it because of the crisis? the depression, the free time? where are these babies coming from? is it prima vera, the god of beginning, who is distributing babies with her lovebirds allover the city?


Too cool for school

Final exhibition of Iguapop gallery. Barcelona, June, 2010.

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Swab 2010


As a good-bye present to Iguapop Gallery, which - like so many - is fading away from Barcelona, Boris built a cardboard church (graveyard) façade covering the Iguapop stall entrance (sorry again, Leticia). Here's a link to the gallery covering the whole story, which includes a meat feast and a bin-liner-clad A Team. 


Ever for tokyo

Ever / Solo show / 21.April - 12.July 2010 / Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama Tokyo

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" Hey, can you do our next cover? the only thing that it´s needed, is to put "puticlub", "nº8", and "virus"... "


LV03 Exclusive Sneak Preview

Wanna see some more?

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Art Brut barcelona

last saturday was feeling like the good old times. the sun burning your back, kids playing cricket, pakistani selling beer. the great final was the mariachis in a bolivian restaurant. what was the name again?

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